Reevo R9 Headgear




Reevo’s R9 Sentinel headgear is back with an improved, lightweight design that makes it perfect for boxing, Muay Thai, and MMA. Its amazing impact absorption with Reevo’s EDT will dampen the blow so you can get back in the fight quicker. The Reevo R9 sentinel also has a unique bevelled opening to allow for a larger field of vision than our competitors. If you are looking for something comfortable, lightweight, strong and efficient, the R9 Sentinel is for you.

  • Made of Reevo’s 100% premium leather to give you increased durability and performance
  • Uses Reevo’s EDT padding to offer the best protection on the market. Also offers a complete chin to give you complete coverage
  • The unique beveled opening offers excellent field of vision.
  • Padding ear openings to protect your ears and eardrums
  • Includes adjustable Velcro back strap as well as ties on the top of the head
  • Available in Reevo’s new black and silver design. Check out our other brand new Reevo Products!
  • Sizes LG/XL